Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mackenzie`s first paper clay art...

She was so excited this morning to get started on these 2 pumpkins. She knew once she awoke they`d be dried and ready for some color. I have to say she did a good job on them and she is so excited about listing them on ebay....LOL.

It`s nice to see her so enthusiastic about something. She`s already coming up with ideas of things to make next..LOL

I think it`s wonderful when children get excited about art! I will do anything I can to encourage her to keep at the clay because the more she does the better her pieces will become.

Heres her very two first pumpkins:


Anonymous said...

Oh!! Wonderful, quite the artisan you have there!!! They are perfect pumpkins... Hugs, MO

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thanks MO~ She was excited to see this post :) First thing this morning she wanted to know she she had a bid...LOL

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Wow Mackenzie, you did a GREAT job!
Way to go!!!
This is something I want my girls to try too...it looks like lots of fun!

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Sara Mackenzie says thank you! Tell your girls to go for it :) She has lots of fun working with it!