Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Monday

I`m counting down the days until my daughters baby shower, 5 to be exact. Today I made this diaper cake to be displayed on the gift table. I just wish I would`ve made 2. I was surprised at how simple it was I had no idea! The things you can find on you tube. The internet is a beautiful thing of course if used correctly ;)
I also got these 3 gals listed yesterday over on my ebay It`s been a slow start creating and selling again on ebay. Just hope things start to pick up or I may have to re-think how I spend my hours.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a bunch of jokesters we have here...

Oh yes now can you believe what some of the people in my home think is funny. My daughter Kiera wandered into the bathroom of course intending on using, but noticed hmmmm something looks amiss. Yes you see my other daughter and hubby thought this would be just hilarious well until there may have been a mess for THEM to clean....LOL What a bunch of jokesters. Just glad I didn`t head in first....don`t know if I would have noticed.I stuck to my list this week with doll making being crossed off today. Feels good to be back in the groove. Little by little as it`s hard to find alot of extra time. So these girls will be being listed on ebay tomorrow.
Wishing you all a great weekend!

Monday, September 3, 2012

My last day of summer vacation.

Wow I can`t believe it tomorrow it`s back to work for me. This summer just seemed to fly by for me. I woke up intending on spending my last day at the beach however decided to spend the morning hours plopped on the sofa.....LOL My daugher and I watched the show Tanked. It`s two guys who build awesome aquariums. Nothing like this one we have...LOL
I did manage to have a productive afternoon. I had just received in the mail the other day this pattern from Maureen of sweetmeadowsfarm
So I decided to get to work on them today. This is where I ended up...
It will be a challenge finding time during the work week, but I`m determined to do it. I know that I won`t be able to produce as many as I used to, but am ok with one or two hopefully a week. I realized today how many supplies I`m in need of especially stuffing so these ladies will have to wait a day or two. As I was writing this my washing machine completely fried out filling the kitchen with black smelly soot so looks like I have to get to work sooner then later. Machines arent cheap these days and this one is only 3 years old. Darn should`ve taken a warranty on it....ARGH!!Hubby`s looking at it now hoping maybe we only need a circuit board.
My fingers are crossed otherwise they`ll be blistered from all the sewing!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Labor day weekend!

Just some of lifes simple pleasures. While at the beach last night fishing we got to soak in some of the natural beauty of this world. Is that sunset not breathtaking! I`m trying to get every last minute out of this summer as I go back to work on tuesday. It`s nice being off for the summer, but sure hard to get back into routine. The paycheck however is a huge incentive..LOL While fishing my daughter captured this fella
My husband not so lucky. His line remained empty the entire evening. Me i just sit in my chair and enjoy my surroundings. To me it`s the most peaceful place to be.
On another note in November my first grandchild will be arriving!! So very exciting, we already know thats it`s a girl. My daughter has her name chosen. I tried to persuade differently, but no such luck...LOL I found out right after my father passed away. A very strange feeling. I hope he knows about her.