Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some bodies completed....

I finally sat down and gave some of those bodies life although there are still 10 hanging around. Today I will sit myself down at the table and work on some of them. With the cold temps here they really must be feeling a chill by now ;)

Here`s a peek at just a few that I`ve completed and listed on my bay

My favorite is the Raggedy Annie with the dog dress. How about you? Do you have a favorite?
I`m not the greatest at taking photos and always feel that I don`t do them justice. I think thats something I need to spend more time working on. Any tips are welcome my way!! :) I would one day love to take some photography classes, although the proper equipment would probably be way to pricey for me, I could still learn some things.

Maybe thats what I need to do.... make me a bucket list. How many of you have bucket lists made? For sure one thing would be to make it to an island and spend a week on the beach. My vacations over the years have consisted of Florida and South Carolina to visit folks. Now don`t get me wrong I love seeing family, but oh a vacation with hubby would be splendid! Ok that just made the top of my bucket list...LOL

I can feel it now sitting and burying my toes in the sand..... Watching the beautiful sea life swim on by..... OK OK back to reality...LOL

I think I`m really going to sit and think about this bucket list and start to create one of my own. I would love to hear of your if you have one!

Well for now stay warm.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bodies Abound.....

My aching fingers. Well here`s what I`ve been working on for the last two days. I usually don`t work in an assembly line system, but figured I`d try it and see how it goes. You feel like your getting no where fast and boy can the stuffing part really be a killer. It took me a full day just to stain and paint these guys. Next onto some clothes and personalities.

The winner has been chosen over at the KSGP selling site and contacted. Be sure to keep your eye out for more giveaways and remember signing up for the mailing list automatically includes you on all giveaways! If you would like to sign up just clickhere Those gals are a generous bunch I tell you!

Oh and lastly an FYI..... Something I wouldn`t have thought of until it happened to us. My daughters said something smelt bad in thier room. I went in, didn`t see anything and walked backed out. I told hubby it does smell in there, but I don`t see anything. A minute later my daughter comes walking out with this...

Now let me explain......Without my knowledge my daughter put her nerf ball on the bulb so the dog couldn`t get it, later on went in her room and hung out for a bit. Well you know the rest...... A reminder to tell the young ones to NEVER place anything on the light bulbs!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pray for those in Haiti

The devastation that has rocked Haiti has left me almost speechless. My heart aches for all the people who are experiencing their worst nightmare. I couldn`t imagine such a blow. To see the images flash across the screen brings tears to my eyes.

Tradegy always brings the best out in others who aren`t living in the middle of that moment. One of those people is Annie of Glitteryourworld just one person trying to help make a difference in life of many others. Here`s what Annie has to say

"The last few days I have watched all the news about the disaster in Haiti....These poor people need help...Last night I donated through my paypal account to Save the Children ...I want to encourage any of you that please find some way to donate..Tens of thousands of people need help....90 percent of this country is poor....and are in terrible trouble now..the earthquake was horrible.

If you will go to your paypal account and click the button that says give to the earthquake fund on the side....donate ten dollars....then forward me the receipt that says you made a donation..I will put your name in a hat and draw a winner...the winner will get $50.00 in supplies from my etsy shop...Its a win win for everyone.....Haiti gets much needed help....and you have a great chance to win some lovely supplies.

I hope you will take me up on this offer, thank you for helping in any way you can....Annie"

I couldn`t resist and have been blessed this week with many auctions ending in sales. I don`t have much raising four girls and living by the week paycheck,but I knew I could manage the 10 dollars. If it helps one child even with covering the cost of antibiotics my heart is full.
I can`t even begin to imagine the suffering of the haitians. I as a parent couldn`t imagine having to sit by and watch my child suffer or even die do to lack of medicines as simple as an antibiotic or dehydration. I pray for them all and hope they continue to pull people out alive. I was watching Anderson Cooper last night and was so saddened to see how doctors and nurses had been ordered to just abandon injured and critical people. They we`re being treated in make shift tents outdoors with IV`s hanging from trees. I hope we would never have to walk a path that they are currently forced down. I`m complete in my heart if $10.00 saves someone.
Mother nature can deliver huge wrath and it could happen anywhere.

Another generous gal helping to encourage others is Patty of Toadhollowprim she is adding these beautiful hearts into the raffle. They are gorgeous!

And lastly so eloquently put by my good friend Doreen

"For those of you unable to give money - you should never feel bad or disappointed in yourselves!
The power of prayer and emotional support is equally noble!
Many communities are collecting clothes & blankets - some schools & community centers are asking to write letters or cards to show the Haitian people that the people in American deeply care about them.
Your local news station will most likely have an on-line list of what you can donate & where to drop off!
A simple card sounds silly - but when you've been left with nothing but despair - love in a note can truly inspire Hope!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kenzie & Kali

Well the last couple days I`ve been back at the sewing machine at a steady pace. You know there`s alot of catching up to do after Christmas. The holiday leaves, but for some reason the bills keep coming...LOL and more of them I might add :-(

I just listed a doll on my ebay that is true to my heart. A girl and her best friend. There`s no greater gift then that furry friend. Yup you guessed it the dog! They don`t speak our language, but manage to give and show love sometimes way more then humans do. They are the most loyal beings and just happy with a pat on the back. So I`ve decided it was time for me to create one for my doll.

Funny though, as she was completed my daughter sat down at the table and started to sketch out my doll on paper and said she wanted it travel with the doll to it`s new home. She is so darn cute!Hmmmm a doll maker in the making?????

Ok with all this talk of poochies I must share a pic of mine just loving the snow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We here at KSGP are a generous bunch and In the spirit of "A Kindred Valentine" we will be hosting a giveaway the month of January. Susie the wonderfully talented artist of Susiedele has provided a beautiful heart pincushion. All you need to do is head on over to our site click here and sign up for our mailing list. It`s that simple. Who wouldn`t want a chance to win such a beautiful piece.