Monday, August 4, 2008

Look at what my Mackenzie did today!

I finally decided it was time for me to take out my paper clay that I have been procrastinating with. Being it`s a medium I`ve never dabbled in I kept putting it off. Well today I decided I was going to make a pumpkin carved out for a battery operated tea~light. Next thing you know here comes my 9 year old daughter Mackenzie with her air dry clay and sat across from me at the table.

I must say I was shocked hers came out way smoother then mine I was beside myself. She carved lines in it for a puimpkin gave it a stem and I added a rusty wire for it so once fully dried and painted she may add a hand stamped banner reading Happy Harvest.
Well I was so excited and proud of her! So she`s says to me "can I sell it on ebay?" and I say sure! She`s so excited she can hardly wait to be able to paint it and give it life.

While that was drying her and I did a combined project of a pumpkin head wearing a witches hat. He looks pretty cool can`t wait until he`s given color.
This was alot of fun and I look forward to one day doing this over the cloth dolls. In time I guess.
Here she is in progress...LOL


Poirier Family said...

It's not the driveway in the pictures just the ditch. The ditch is about 30 feet or more. The dirt I've been taking out of the ditch is going into the driveway that is wash out alittle.

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Ok gotcha now. Oh boy that sure is alot of digging! Hope your getting some help.

Annie said...

Little Mack is so cute! And what a great job she did!!! Tell her she has fans!