Thursday, March 26, 2009

A night of many tv shows.

Oh boy it will be a big tv night for me. I can`t wait to see that new show In the Motherhood. The coming attractions look hysterical so I`m hoping it will bring many laughs. Who can`t use that..right?

Of course there`s also American Idol which I will have to dvr because I`m a big Greys Anatomy fan so I`ll watch the idol tomorrow. Whats some of your favorites?

Just wanted to share some pictures of my 2 newest listing on my ebay. Here`s my Black Eyed Susan. She the second doll of the "In the Garden" series.

and over at R2RD we`re having an Eggstra Special launch. Here`s my offering:

Wishing you all a great night!

Kreativ Blogger Award...

Well looky at what I got!!

Phil over at Halloweentinkering has been generous enough to pass this on to me. Thank you Phil!! You must stop by his blog to see how creative he is! Amazing really :)

Ok I must say 7 things that I love and then pass this great award onto 7 fantastic bloggers.
1. My family
2. Of course my furbabies
3. Creating art
4. Enjoying a nice quiet night out
5. Chicken
6. relaxing in a nice hot bath
7. Ghost hunters

Ok here`s who I will pass this onto:


Friday, March 13, 2009

Revisiting my childhood....

I can remember being a little girl sitting in the living room beside my father and watching the Carol Burnett Show. My father would laugh and I would just giggle along...LOL
I`ve spent a little too much time just wandering around the internet lately and stopped by you tube and thought I`d share some laughs with you all.

What kinds of shows do you all have fond memories about?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Red.....

I`ve decided to participate in a CCD challenge. The theme being Fairy Tales/ Nursery Rhymes. I made Little Red Riding Hood. She is made from cloth and clay. It`s seems with ebay being sooooo slow for me I had lost my drive to put my hands to work so it was fun to work on her. I may do another. Here`s a peek at her and I plan to list her on ebay tonight. Hopefully she will find herself a new home.

On another note be sure to pop on over to KSGP BLOG We are having another giveaway! You can take a peek to the sidebar and see the cute pig Xoch is offering upstop by her blog here

Are there any other American idol fans out there? Who are you all pulling for? Me I think it`s still Danny Gorkey:)