Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Please pray for my Dad.

On monday January 16th my father was hit by a car while in a gas station parking lot. He was walking to pay for gas when a 16 year old girl backed up into him. He had brain surgery immediately to remove a blood clot and to try and control the bleeding in his brain.They are not giving us a good prognosis and with each passing day his survival rate is declining. They now have him under 50%. He has brain and brain stem damage as well as pneumonia and infections. I believe in the power of prayer. My heart is broken and I cannot even begin to think of him not being here on this earth with us. It`s just killing me. Please I ask for you to pray for Patrick.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I`ve been away so long.....

Wow it feels like forever since I`ve been online. It took me forever to remember my password to blogger....LOL thats when you know it`s been way too long, well and dust between the keys ;) Hmmmm so whats kept me away...well I ventured out to a full time job last september and by the time I get home and feed hubby and the kids well lets just say the couch calls my name. The upside summers off from work. This past summer hubby and I have taken up kayaking, so we spent alot of time with the girls at the beach. It`s so relaxing I just love it! Although the first time I really didn`t even want to go out on it. I was afraid of the open waters, but now I`m off and running to do it actually lifting and strapping the thing on the roof of car myself. We also did alot of fishing just not alot of catching..LOL Thank God thats not a food source we rely on for survival. Here`s a pic of my youngest and I. I`m looking forward to the nice weather again just to get back out there.

I also missed creating dolls for ebay and thought it time for me to try and get back in the groove, not always an easy thing to do. I listed dolls yesterday and made 2 raggedy Ann`s today. It felt nice being back in front of the sewing machine again creating. I told hubby my goal is to set aside an hour each evening to work on some dolls. I`d be fooling myself if I alloted more time so for now thats what I will set out to do. I don`t know how all you gals do it juggling full time work, creating and families. I too will give it a try and squeak some time in. I`ve missed all my ebay friends too, they must think I`ve just fallen off the face of the earth, well I pretty much did, but I hope to find my way back. I`ve missed you all.

Well here`s my two girls I brought to life today: