Saturday, October 31, 2009

It`s been a long day.....

After 6 hours of trick or treating I can say I`am glad to be home. Boy am I beat! We we`re lucky enough to have the rain hold out for us and we just received a quick sprinkle. I hope you we`re just as lucky in your neck of the woods.

I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow begins KSGP`s A Kindred Christmas launch over at our website. You will find shoppes filled with ornies, tucks and bowl fillers. Not too mention plenty of eye candy to gander at. So be sure to pop on over and see what`s being offered. You can enter our shoppe on the right hand column.

Have a great night~

Happy Halloweeen

Happy Halloween!

Something tells me it`s going to be a L O N G trick or treating day with the girls.Hopefully the rain will hold out. Right now it`s quite dreary out there, but mild. So I guess thats the plus side we surely won`t be cold. It`s strange to see how some years your out there freezing your tush off and other years you can go out without a coat on. You never can tell.

Wishing you all a safe and spooktacular Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Addie and Ebony

Well I`ve been back at it again full force. With the holidays quickly approaching and kiddies to make happy at Christmas time I must keep these fingers stitchin`. With the economy the way that it is I`am grateful for each and every bid that I receive. If it`s only one I`m still doing my thankful happy dance. I have been looking for work outside the home, but haven`t had success yet. In the meantime I`ll be sitting here in front of my sewing machine stitchin` the day away :)

You may find this gal and her pal on ebay along with two of my Annie`s. One is a relist due to a non paying bidder :(
Addie and her cat here

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new Raggedy Annie...

Isn`t she just the sweetest! You may find her over at my KSGP shoppe
click here to see Annie

We also have some new members over at KSGP. You will want to head on over and check out their goodies. One is Annie of Glitter Your World who offers a wide variety of supplies and not to mention excellent quality handmades, Susie of Susiedele who creates wonderful pieces from pin cushions to punch needle pieces and last but not least Sam of Gollywobbles who creates just wonderful OOAK prims! You must stop by and take a peek at what these ladies have to offer.

I also wanted to share an Annie I have added to my ebay this week.

You may find the link to my ebay in the upper right hand corner of the page. Hope you`ll stop by and take a peek at her :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Diet time for Bella

Bella`s just sitting around taking a load off....LOL It seems that she needs to be cut back from all the eating she`s been doing. Although I love her pudgie lil self to keep her healthy we`ve had to cut her feedings back just a bit. Believe it or not she probably weighs more then my Tank right about now and he`s a bullmastiff. Ok now he is on the slimmer side which is good for him being he has hip dysplasia. I wonder if the food I switched her to has anything to do with it.......HMMMMM Ya see she has dermatitis so she is on natures balance food for allergies. All seriousness though we may also take her in to get her thyroid checked. It`s funny I think we take better care of our dogs then we do ourselves.

If anyone out there is looking to adopt mastiff`s here`s a site worth looking into:
click here believe you me, if I could afford any poochie right now,Zeus would be on my list.