Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well it`s finally here!!!!

The KSGP angel Sophia group launch has arrived. A special thank you too Debbie of simplecountryblessings for donating a wonderful pattern for us all to create from. She has some awesome patterns up for auction as well as fabulous dollies check her out here:Debs ebay

I`m so excited and can`t wait to see what everyone came up with. Here are some that I can share with you: Meet Debella Ween Angel


Meet Sophia Angel:

Meet Sohpia:

Meet Sophia:

Meet Sophia:


Meet Sophia:

He will be offered this evening on ebaySewdeartome

Meet Sophia:


I can`t see what the rest of the gals came up with, but I know they`ll be super! Some aren`t listed yet, but will be by this evening including my own. Thanks for taking the time to peek at everyones creations.

I also managed to whip up Gilbert the turkey with his fixins of pumpkins(3) and 4 corn cobs. What a wonderful pattern another from the talented Debbie! My very first turkey I`ve ever made. What do ya think?


Cookie said...

It's amazing all the variations from the same pattern - love them all ♥

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Your turkey gathering is wonderful.. I have a turkey pattern but yet to make it.. I am working on something for Thanksgiving, but haven't decided yet if the turkey will be included.. He may end up in the pot ...LOL.. All the different angels are great ! Lots of different creativity !


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thank you Linda! I had fun making him. I can`t wait to see what your working on all your creations come out amazing!

It was exciting to see everyones interpretation of Sophia. I look forward to doing another some time.