Monday, September 15, 2008

Boy what you can get done when your internet isn`t working!

LOL. I wasn`t able to get on the computer all day so it left me sitting at the kitchen table working away on Halloween BOO stockings. They we`re made from one of Folk*Art*By*Dee patterns. I had a blast making these and plan on making a set for my own mantle. Lord knows they wouldn`t have been done had I had my internet and phone service working ;)
Heres a peek at them. There quite large measuring in at 18" tall each one and thats not including the sweet annie.

Well tomorrow will be cleaning day as I didn`t get any of that done today, but heck atleast we have clean clothes ;)


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

I can relate to the computer and phone being down and out ... like yesterday when Hurricane Ike came through with over 60 mile per hour winds. We lost an apple tree.. plus the electric for over 12 hours... thank the Lord, that is all. I did some sewing and spent quite a bit of time making fresh spaghetti sauce out of tomatoes from the garden..... that makes the best sauce!
Have fun creating !..

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Linda~
I`m glad to hear your ok and only had some minor damage. I feel for all those people who have been terribly affected by mother nature.

I`m sure that sauce was amazing. I only make it with canned tomatoes. I love to garden flowers, but herbs and vegatables....thats another story..LOL Tried it once and only once ;)
Can`t wait to see what your working on!

Mary said...

Aw, Kelly ~ thanks for stopping in to visit me and leaving positive vibes. Some of us really need them! LOL! I hope too that you will find time to make a set of Boo stockings for your mantle ~ they turned out so awesome! Love Dee's patterns too, although I haven't tried one yet ~ got my eye on that clock!



Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Mary,
I spent the day making myself a set. Perfect time to do one for me being ebay has been a bit slow. I always want to make things just never do.
I saw that clock too isn`t it awesome! Her work is wonderful and she has such a creative mind!
I`ll be needing to pick me up a template soon! DO you offer banners for blogs?

Cookie said...

wow, these are awesome Kelly!!

HOw bout you make me a set too??? :)

love em, girl ♥

Oswald said...
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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thanks Cookie! Can you believe I did it! I finished me up a set yesterday. I very rarely ever make myself anything. I only own one other item and it`s a pumpkin pie with mice :)
Hmmm must be something with the fall huh?
Would it be ok for me to add you to my blog list?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those stockings...they are wonderful my friend..Thank you for stopping by my blog... yes, I am in paper clay and paper mache mode right now... LOL Hugs, MO