Monday, February 4, 2008

Good evening friends.....

Well today was quite a day! For those that know me well know that I have 2 bull mastiff furbabies who are my joy! They give you total unconditional love! Last night while scrolling through I came across this cutie:

I raced down to check him out. The poor thing was so skinny and extremely hyper. They did say he was a handful and needed alot of work. He is 18 months old. So I ran home and got my 2 to introduce them and well Mario didn`t seem to get along well with others :( So I had to leave him behind. I felt terrible and really hope that he finds a loving home to go too! Any neopolitan mastiff lovers in the new york area without other dogs be sure to look him up. He was good with people.
Let me share pics of my 2 babies with you. They are both 2 years old and real charmers ;)
Heres Buddy:
and heres Ttank also known as Eeyore :)

Ok well I finally managed to finish up another Raggedy Annie and currently have her listed on ebay. Here`s a peek at her:

I`ve also just started selling over at so please jump on over and check me out there as well. My seller name is mysticalentities. The same as ebay just without the asterisk. There I have listed my Uncle Sam doorgreeter. Heres a peek:
Ok I`m off to go cozy up on the sofa. Hope you all have a peaceful evening!


Sara said...

Kelly he really is a cutie!
Love the pics of your pups :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Sara~ I still feel bad I had to leave the little guy there:(