Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boy was it a long day today!

Today was just one of those days! I`m still keeping myself focused to go for my walk in the morning right from the bus stop, but boy was today tough. It was about 7 degrees with the wind chill factor and not even a quarter of the way in and my hands we`re beyond frozen! You know when there so cold they start to burn......not fun. Nonetheless I got it done. Made my way back home and finished up a clover doll I had been working on. I adapted her from one of Back*Porch*Pickins pattern. Here`s a peek at her. I just listed her on ebay, but will retake pics in the morning.

I also added Chloe the cat to my listings tonight I just love her. Heres` her pic:

I also managed to break down with the car today at the store picking up some bread. Lucky for me hubby wasn`t too far away and was able to come to my rescue. We needed to charge the battery, but he thinks the alternator is going...ARGH! Always money going somewhere and never seems to be somewhere fun...Ya know?

Tomorrow will be a busy day last minute birthday shopping to complete for my second born. Saturday she will be turning the BIG 13! Unfortunately tomorrow she needs to go in and have four teeth pulled :( Ya see she was born with a cleft palate so she`s kind of used to being poked and proded at, but it has gotten harder as she`s gotten older. She`s not as passive about it and can`t say I blame her! So I must get the house stocked with jello and ice cream. Boy I really do wait until the last minute to get things done don`t I....LOL When will I learn ;)
Well it`s about that time to call it day. I hope your all safe and warm ;)
Nighty Night~ Kelly


Prim and Proper Folks said...

Kelly, I love your clover and cat dollies! You are so talented. Sorry to hear about your car...that kind of stuff always happens to me...just when I think I am getting a bit a head of the game something new comes up. LOL Said a prayer for your daughter that everything goes smooth at the dentist. Wishing you tons of bids...Susan

Kelly said...

Thank you Susan. Cars running perfect now hubby had to change the alternator ;) Your right thats always the way, unfortunately! She did great at the dentist just a few tears. Thanks for your prayers.
I added you to my blog list. I love popping by yours :)