Sunday, January 20, 2008

It`s been a long day.....

Well it`s already evening time and boy has it been a long day! I commited myself to trying to get healthy and started walking 2.5 miles about 5 weeks ago. Lets just say today sure was a challenge! It was brutally cold out, but I was determined not to give in . It was nice to have a walking pal , when hubby`s home from work he joins me. That always makes for a nice change of pace ;)

I spent most of the day today behind the sewing machine. I was working on Maureen`s( sweetmeadowsfarm, I just love her patterns!) Round about pattern. I figured hey what the heck instead of doing one why not start off doing five at one time. Yeah sounded like a good plan at the time and with hubby adding" ah you`ll never get them all done" of course like all women I though yeah watch me....LOL. I managed to sew and stuff all the body parts except the heads. Then just when I started to sew the first stuffed head onto the body I came to a screeching halt!

Ut oh why is my head to big for the neck, I thought to myself. Yeah HELLO should have read all the directions. I needed a seam allowance my trace line was not my sew line. LOL ,Argh...... So off I go tomorrow for more muslin. Just another work day ;)

I think I will settle down in front of the fire with a nice glass of wine. Hoping you are all staying warm this evening it`s quite chilly out there.



Donna & Coleen said...

great blog!

Kelly said...

Thanks Donna and Coleen! When can I check out your blog ;)