Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good morning.

Hi ya all~ It was brisk out again this morning a cold 19 degrees, but I bundled up and headed out for my morning walk. I really shouldn`t complain I think it will get much harder come the summer time with the heat. It`s much harder to cool down then heat yourself up right?
As cold as it was out can you believe the birds we`re all out there and chirping away. Theres no sweeter sounds to my ears then that. To me it`s one of the most calming sounds, maybe because it makes me think of spring which is my favorite season of all :) Another sound I love to hear is waking on a saturday morning with the windows cracked a bit and hearing the lawn mowers going! That for sure screams spring is here. I told ya I love spring didn`t I.....LOL
I was excited to have finished up 2 Raggedy Annie`s that I made from a sweetmeadowsfarm pattern. After messing up the first set of heads I think the end result turned out great. Let me share their pictures with you heres the first one
and the second Annie
They are both currently listed on ebay if you would like to peek at some more pictures and a big thank you to Maureen for sharing her creative energy with other sellers!
Well the rest of my day will consist of doing housework...yuck, but someone has to do it!
Hope you all have a wonderful thursday!


Mary said...

Kelly, you are becoming an addict! Great job posting regularly. Here's something to write about ~ You've been "TAGGED"! That means you have to tell us 5 things about yourself that we don't know. Looking forward to reading all about it!



Kelly said...

Oh boy ok I`m going to have to think!