Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good saturday morning friends.

With the encouragement of my good friend Sara I figured I would finally give this a try! I have made so many friends over the good ole keyboard and I thought theres always room for more . Let me tell you a bit about myself I`m 35 years young and am married with 4 daughters and a step daughter who lives in North Carolina. Lets just say the amount of estrogen running through the house is alot for one to handle...LOL ..poor hubby! Oh I can`t forget about my precious furbabies Tank , Buddy( 2 bullmastiffs) and Tigger my tabby cat.

I`am a stay at home mom who loves to create prim dollies. I`m a self taught sewer. Funny I can remember the very first time sitting in front of the machine...LOL It took me forever to figure out how to thread the bobbin. Well that was a little over 3 years ago boy how time flies. I can truly say I love what I do and how it allows me the opportunity to be available to my children and the drop of a hat. For that I`am grateful.

I`m a proud member of the ebay group Kindred Sisters Gathering Post. A wonderful group of talented artists who I truly consider my friends. Be sure to head over and check out our listing theres much talent to be found! I have been in awe of so many other artists work that it keeps me plugging along.

Well I didn`t think I`d have much to say, but I`m already writing a book..LOL I guess I should save some for another day before I run out of gas ;)

Thanks for stopping by~Kelly


Sara said...

HI!! I told you that you would be surprised by how much you would have to say :) Your off to a great start!!

Kelly said...

You we`re right Sara! Thanks for giving me the little needed push ;)Soon you all may be saying....Shut Up!..LOL