Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer is on it`s way out...

I can`t believe we`re wrapping up the summer season. I`m always so sad to see it go. My girls went back to school this week, but are already off today and tomorrow for the jewish holiday. Happy New Year to all of you who are celebrating!

There`s alot of changes that are taking place here. I`m starting a new job this coming week in a school the next town over. It`s only part time and for a monitor position, but given the state of the economy I need to have a steady paycheck and we all know how ebay can go up and down. I`m excited though to be back out and working with people after being home bound for the last 10 years. I also registered to take CNA (certified nursing asst) classes that will begin in February. It will be night classes so thats not to bad. I`ve always wanted to work in the medical field so this will be my first step in that direction. So change is good!

I will still make time to create dolls maybe just not as many, but they`ll still be out there. I just completed this gal. I`m not quite sure yet what her name will be, but you can find her on my ebay this evening. I hope you`ll stop by for a peek. Well off to head outside and enjoy the much cooler temps today. We`re only in the 70`s....ahhhhhhhhhhhh


cinnamon hill said...

ooooh she's beautiful :-)

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thanks so much Cinnamon Hill :)Glad you stopped by.