Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Red.....

I`ve decided to participate in a CCD challenge. The theme being Fairy Tales/ Nursery Rhymes. I made Little Red Riding Hood. She is made from cloth and clay. It`s seems with ebay being sooooo slow for me I had lost my drive to put my hands to work so it was fun to work on her. I may do another. Here`s a peek at her and I plan to list her on ebay tonight. Hopefully she will find herself a new home.

On another note be sure to pop on over to KSGP BLOG We are having another giveaway! You can take a peek to the sidebar and see the cute pig Xoch is offering upstop by her blog here

Are there any other American idol fans out there? Who are you all pulling for? Me I think it`s still Danny Gorkey:)


Naija said...

sorry I did not like the hat...

The-Artful-Attic said...

Kelly...she is soo very sweet! I LOVE her hoodie! Her face is just super...very nicely done.


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

It is a bit higher then I would have liked.

Thanks Kimberly :)

Sweet Magnolia said...

Kelly ...She is just Fabulous ...!! I think you did a wonderful Job with her !

If people don't have nice things to say they should remember the old addage don't say anything at all !!

Keep on Keeping on ..Your dolls are Just perfect !!!

Hugs ...Sara

Patty said...

Kelly I loVe your latest doll and think she is just the best.

I feel sorry for people who feel the need to broadcast their unsolicited opinion on our art. Hopefully they will never be on the receiving end of such a brash comment.

Xochibear's Primitives said...

Kelly she is adorable!!!

Patty, you hit the nail on the head!!

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thank you my friends! I treasure your friendship and support. Sisterhood is a beautiful thing :)

{{Big Hugs}}

Skellyton Art said...

She is Wonderful!
Anyone can be an art critic! Not Everyone can be an artist as you are Kelly!

Big Hugs!

Annie said...

she is so adorable Kelly!

Cookie said...

I saw this sweet lil lass a couple of days ago and meant to tell you how much I adore her! I love how you combined clay and fabric to make her cape - I keep telling you... mad mad skills!!!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Your dolls are always amazing ! You have a knack for the cloth and clay dollies... of which I know nothing.. and probably may never attempt.. the clay would probably dry my fingers out and they would really crack then.. :o(
As I always say to *artistic* critics... if ya think you can do it better ...go for it !
I used to do craft shows, and people would comment as if you weren't standing there listening... saying they could do this or that... or say something about the cost... most hadn't a clue about sewing or creating, I am sure... there is a LOT of time involved, a LOT of thought, a LOT of money in supplies, etc..

Hugs and Happiness...

Mary said...

Kelly ~ Love her! Hope you get lots of bid from people just clamoring to own her!

I'm thinking Danny too, or the other guy with the black spiky hair (kinda dangerous looking!) ~ you know who I mean? I can't remember his name.



Caroline said...

You've been photo tagged! Stop by when you get a chance :)
P.S. I want those nachos, they look really good!

Caroline said...

You've been photo tagged! Stop by when you get a chance :)
P.S. Your doll turned out great!