Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super bowl sunday.....

Ok I`m not a football fan so it`s been a normal sunday for me. Spent the day cleaning, packaging up things for the post office, taking pictures of my newest creations and then the dreadful listing of them all.Whoops just looked up and noticed I almost forgot one! I really must confess....I HATE THAT PART. Especially when tonight I got booted off 3 times with my final listing....argh!

It was a beautiful day out today and I did get to enjoy the sunshine while running a few errands. Boy I really can`t wait for spring to arrive. My favoritest season of them all.

I started to play with paint and some canvas and so far I`m liking how it looks. Not bad for my first piece. I was inspired by one of Jane`s paintings of grittyjane. I will hang it in my family room oncee it`s complete. I still have many parts to finish.

Ok well here are my newest dollies for this week. I had fun making another cloth and clay doll.


Pam said...

Kelly your dolls are so cute.

I won 30.00 had to split with 2 other people. Oh well at least it was something. We had a beautiful day today and it melted alot of the ice. It was almost 60 today but they are calling for snow on Monday afternoon, tues. and wed. I can't wait til spring.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

hugs pam

Doreen said...

Your cloth and clay gal came out just lovely!!!


Cookie said...

love them all, but girl... the things you can do with clay! precious ♥

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

They are so huggable!