Thursday, January 1, 2009

How lucky am I.....

I`am a member of the ebay group Rags to Riches dolls (r2rd) and was so excited that my name was unveiled in a drawing. Many generous members donated prizes and I was lucky enoughy to receive the most amazing pin cushion doll and candle from Jackie of
Her quality of work is nothing, but the best!! I can`t wait to be able to own another of her creations. I will be keeping my eye on her auctions for sure! Thank you again Jackie and she will always be treasured :)Hugs,Kelly


Sweet Magnolia said...

Kelly she is just awesome !!! I forgot you were in another group ..How do you manage ? See I think you Mom's are WonderWomen !!! What a Lucky Girl win sure did hit the Prim jackpot !!!


Patty said...

Kelly, God (and the group) gave you a beautiful Christmas present...and you so deserve it, you're a great gal.

She is gorgeous, and they look wonderful together. I'm checking out her auction too! Hugs~

pammyjo said...

Oh my gosh, I just stumbled across your blog. Very nice. The doll you won is amazing. Do you know if there is a pattern available or is it a OOAK? Enjoyed my visit. :o) Pj

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thanks everyone~

PJ I`m not sure, but you can go to her blog and see. Here`s her addy
Thanks for stopping by :)