Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow it feels like forever since I last posted...

Holy Cow! Can you believe theres only 12 more days until Christmas!! That doesn`t leave alot of shopping time left. Which I still have alot to do. On the upside I have aready wrapped the things that I bought so atleast that part is done! I`m always scrambling at the last minute, so nothing new there...LOL
I haven`t gotten much sewing in, but have managed to complete 2 black dolls. I think after these two I will start something new. Kinda feel like I`m stuck in a doll rutt...LOL
Here`s Mabel and Delilah: You can find them over at my ebay.

It seems that this past week has been my lucky week!! I won Debbie of Simplecountryblessings giveaway. Just look at these goodies I got in the mail!!

You must stop by her blog she has yet another awesome giveaway. She`s on a roll so don`t miss out! These are what you have a chance at winning.

I also was lucky enough to have my color pulled in a drawing over in r2rd and will be receiving the most beautiful pin cushion doll made by Jackie of
plain-n-simple- I feel so lucky to be able to own one of her pieces of art :) If you pop on over to her blog you can see the beauty I will be receiving from her generous heart. It stands next to her cage doll in the picture. Thank you Jackie!


Sweet Magnolia said...

Kelly ...Love your new dolls they are great ..I understand that feeling of getting stuck ..Can't wait to see what new things you plan to make after the new year. Congrats on your wins..How Exciting !!!

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thanks Sara~
I`m excited to try some new things after the new year of course. I`d be fooling myself before then...LOL
I also need to make that one doll for myself ;)