Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Under the Boardwalk......

Well I`ve been feeling less the energized when working on some of my dolls and felt the need to do something different for a change. So today I sketched up and sewed a few of these fella`s.

The inspiration for these came from the desire to re do my bedroom over into the beach/ cottage theme. I`m hoping maybe after making a few of these it will head me into that direction ;)
To me there`s no more relaxing place to be then sitting on the beach under beautiful blue skies.......


Annie said...

I'll meet ya on the beach!! I'm freezing and that looks so nice and warm!...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kelly!!!


Sweet Magnolia said...

Kelly ...What great drawings ..so what are you making with thme ??? Did I miss that ? Hey ..I'ave been tagged ..and now I am passing it on to you ..It's like the last one we did ..so get your thinking cap on for some more interesting things about yourself !!!

It's over on my blog


Pam said...

Kelly wish i could come up with something on my own than buying patterns. I want to get more done after the new year. And right now the beach sounds warm and inviting.

Merry Christmas

hugs Pam

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi girls!
Oh Annie I would love to meet you at the beach. Maybe I could get some of your creative energy zapped right into this noggin..LOL
I played with your copper glitter today and just loved it! I will definately be back for more :)
Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you didn`t get buried under all the snow that arrived.

Hi Sara~
Nope just playing I`m not sure maybe just use this batch as bowl fillers. I just needed to try something different for a change. I`ll stop by and thanks for the tag :)

Hi Pam,
Sure you could! Just start sketching away on paper. I`m always most comfortable with patterns, but am feeling that I need to try new things. I`m getting a bit bored.

Oh how inviting it does sound! I hate the winter and am not a fan of the white stuff...LOL I dread it actually. I know some people see beauty in it. I`m just not one of them...LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas!