Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Quilt Giveaway!

What a beautiful handmade quilt that Lizzy at Pigtails and Snails is generously giving away. All you have to do, is pop on over to her blog and read all about it.
I sure do hope I`ll be that lucky winner ;)


Sweet Magnolia said...

Hi Kelly ...I just wanted to let you know that I finally figured out that I am supposed to look and see if comments have been left on my blog ...Duh !! So almost a month later I am just seeing your comment you left on the 19th of Sept. I guess better late than never ...So I was reading your blog and see you have tagged me ...Now if I hadn't happened to go into your blog and read that you tagged me How else would I know ? Or is that the whole point is you find out by reading everyones blogs ?

I love your blog it's beautiful ...and thanks so much for adding me into it. If you have any new listings yourself just let me know and I will add a pict in my blog for you ...I think the more we help promote each other the better gets us out there and known ..

O.k I will have to read more about this tag thing and see what it is I am supposed to do ...


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Sara...LOL I Thought I had posted a comment telling you on your blog that I tagged you.

I think promoting each other is a wonderful idea!!
You just need to snag the tagged image and insert that on your blog. You can copy and paste the instructions I have on mine :)