Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Chloe!

I`ve been in front of the machine again this week and I`d like to share with you my newest listing. Here`s Chloe she will be my last ice cream girl of the season.

Next onto some new things and I`m started to be inspired by the moon so check back to see what I have up my sleeve next.

Well it`s almost time for Hopkins to start. Any other fans out there? I just love that show along with of course Big Brother. Oh poor Jerry they really do need to give that guy more respect. If I was there I`d lose just in jumping in front of him constantly....LOL
Have a great night all!


Poirier Family said...

Your work is great. I wish I could come up with an art project that would let me stay home. I too love Hopkins. I just started watching it. I missed tonight because it didn't record I was so mad. Big Brother I did get to see. Your right about Jerry give him a break.

Later Susan

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Susan and thank you for stopping by. I stumbled upon these style dolls a little over 3 years ago and after not winning any on ebay I thought heck I`ll buy myself a machine and learn how to sew!
I`m thankful I can do this and be available to my children everyday, but I will say deep down inside I yearn to be in the medical field ;)

You might be able to watch Hopkins on the computer I know you can pick up the past episode of Big Brother. Give it a try.

I hope Jerry wins head of household ths week. That would be real interesting!