Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boy does it feel like I`ve been away from here ...

forever! I almost forgot how to work the buttons....LOL. I`ve been sidetracked with lots of company. My Parents came to visit from Florida and we had a great 2 weeks together. It`s always sad to see them go. I also got to see my sister and neice for a few days which was equally as nice as it`s been a few years since the last visit.
It`s not that easy traveling when there 6 of us and 3 dogs :( So thats about what I`ve been up to for the first part of the summer.

Sorry no enchanting stories going on in these neck of the woods. Just the simple life, but thats all good! I have been throwing myself back into creating dollies as my new pup has been back and forth to the vet for a skin problem. Many visits, medicines, dollars and she still isn`t fixed up yet :( Hopefully this next round of steroids will do the trick. Wish me luck I don`t know how much more that good ole credit card can withstand....LOL. I stand there waiting for that big

But look at these faces who could ever say sorry you must suffer.

I swear I think I take better care of them then I do myself....LOL

Well anywho here`s some of the dollies I have been working on this week formy ebay. I found my way back to the black dollies and must say I missed making them and think thats what I`ll be doing for a while ;)

Ok well off I must go and get some more dollies stuffed :)


Kimmie said...

Hi Kelly!

Thank You for stopping by my new prim blog. I am still working on it, but I am thrilled to have it finally started. :-)

Your dogs are so adorable! I am sorry about the little ones skin problem, hopefully the steroids will do the trick. Hug them all for me.

Your dollies are oh so cute! Prayers for many bids on them.

Your blog is wonderful! I will stop back often.


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Kimmie~
Glad to see you stop by ;) Your blog is awesome!

Hugs given, ty :) She`s looking better today so hopefully she`s on her way.

Thanks Kimmie I`m always happy to see one bid. Especially nowadays :)
I can`t wait to see those hats and dollies you`ve been working on. How are they coming along?


Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

wonderful dolls as always Kelly!
Hope you find the cause of the skin problems...our neighbors are going through the EXACT same thing with their boxer. She just found out that the dog is allergic to grass and idea how she will solve that problem!


Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Thanks Sara! Thats terrible. It will be hard to not have a dog on grass!
Did they try Atopica? The vet also has Bella on that even though he wasn`t thinking it was an allergy. He`s tried about 3 different meds already.
He did a skin scraping on her and it came back negative. He also checked her thyroid and all was good there too. Who knows hopefully this combination will do the trick....keeping my fingers crossed ;)