Thursday, May 22, 2008

Natures Beauty...

What a sight to be seen! I haven`t seen one of these since 9/11. The most beautiful rainbow filled the sky after that tradegy and I was blessed to see another. I had just gotten home from the grocery store and said to hubby how we haven`t had many sunshowers here the last few years(enjoying the one we we`re having) and when I got out of the car I looked up and saw this:

So beautiful isn`t it!


BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh MAN---that is soooo purdy! Absolutely one of the most simplest of things can make such a statement---it is a gift---a merry little present from the Heavens---thanks for sharing that Kell!

~Tonya said...

Simply Beautiful Kelly! I love rainbows and just seen one the other day here.

I can not believe you had not seen one since then.

Natures Beauty and God's Paint.

Have a wonderful day.