Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Well I finally got her done......

I also finished this doll the end of last week. I made her with oil and acrylic paints.They both can be found here

As you know I was a little impulsive a little over a week ago and picked myself up a new puppy....LOL It`s like having a baby in the house all over again. She tends to slow me up a bit with creating, but I`m hoping that she`ll be housebroken in no time.She is a bit fiesty though and boy do those teeth hurt! She`s the most precious when sleeping...LOL and she sleeps with her tongue sticking out....TOO cute!

Well Bella hit 26 pounds today at the vet. Buddy weighed in at 98. Tanks turn is coming up next and no doubt he`s close to 120. Well thats it for the furbabies.
Hope you all have a nice evening I`m off to get ready for Big Brother! Any other fans?


craftswithcare said...

Kelly, your bee girl is a beauty!! I love her!! You did an absolutely amazing job!! I love both your dolls!

Thanks for sharing Bella's picture!! How adorable she is! I can't believe she is already weighing at 26 lbs...My Roxy grew very fast too. Wish they would stay that little forever:)! Your Bella is a precious girl!
I remember Roxy's needle sharp puppy teeth! I didnt have any sock at the time that didn't have any holes in them....LOL....I still have her 14 puppy teeth in a box with me....


Mary said...

Kelly, love your bumblebee and dolly ~ both turned out gorgeous! You are so talented! I've tagged you ~ you'll have to come and see my blog if you want to join in. I have loved getting to know you better and consider you a dear friend in blogland!