Monday, September 3, 2012

My last day of summer vacation.

Wow I can`t believe it tomorrow it`s back to work for me. This summer just seemed to fly by for me. I woke up intending on spending my last day at the beach however decided to spend the morning hours plopped on the sofa.....LOL My daugher and I watched the show Tanked. It`s two guys who build awesome aquariums. Nothing like this one we have...LOL
I did manage to have a productive afternoon. I had just received in the mail the other day this pattern from Maureen of sweetmeadowsfarm
So I decided to get to work on them today. This is where I ended up...
It will be a challenge finding time during the work week, but I`m determined to do it. I know that I won`t be able to produce as many as I used to, but am ok with one or two hopefully a week. I realized today how many supplies I`m in need of especially stuffing so these ladies will have to wait a day or two. As I was writing this my washing machine completely fried out filling the kitchen with black smelly soot so looks like I have to get to work sooner then later. Machines arent cheap these days and this one is only 3 years old. Darn should`ve taken a warranty on it....ARGH!!Hubby`s looking at it now hoping maybe we only need a circuit board.
My fingers are crossed otherwise they`ll be blistered from all the sewing!