Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Angels on Ebay

Wow it sure has been quite sometime since I`ve updated my blog. I`m sure I like most of you have been cleaning up the yard and getting the gardens all prettied up for spring. I just noticed today that my peonies are just about ready to open. I can`t wait. Unfortunately they don`t seem to stick around long enough. One really windy day and thats all it takes. Thats why I`m relieved they haven`t opened yet. Today is cool and windy as well. Soon enough that hot sunny weather will be rolling in.

I did manage to create and list 2 angel bust doorgreeters over at my ebay. Well the Americana one will be added this evening. I`m hoping to get started on some more new things tomorrow. I hope when you have a moment you`ll head on over and take a peek.

Also be sure to stay tuned as the KSGP group will be having an ADDAMS FAMILY launch scheduled to debut on the 26th. So be sure to type KSGP into your search bars to see what the girls have created.

1 comment:

Aunt 'Reen said...

Kelly - Those Angels turned out wonderful! I love them both!