Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some bodies completed....

I finally sat down and gave some of those bodies life although there are still 10 hanging around. Today I will sit myself down at the table and work on some of them. With the cold temps here they really must be feeling a chill by now ;)

Here`s a peek at just a few that I`ve completed and listed on my bay

My favorite is the Raggedy Annie with the dog dress. How about you? Do you have a favorite?
I`m not the greatest at taking photos and always feel that I don`t do them justice. I think thats something I need to spend more time working on. Any tips are welcome my way!! :) I would one day love to take some photography classes, although the proper equipment would probably be way to pricey for me, I could still learn some things.

Maybe thats what I need to do.... make me a bucket list. How many of you have bucket lists made? For sure one thing would be to make it to an island and spend a week on the beach. My vacations over the years have consisted of Florida and South Carolina to visit folks. Now don`t get me wrong I love seeing family, but oh a vacation with hubby would be splendid! Ok that just made the top of my bucket list...LOL

I can feel it now sitting and burying my toes in the sand..... Watching the beautiful sea life swim on by..... OK OK back to reality...LOL

I think I`m really going to sit and think about this bucket list and start to create one of my own. I would love to hear of your if you have one!

Well for now stay warm.....

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