Monday, October 12, 2009

Diet time for Bella

Bella`s just sitting around taking a load off....LOL It seems that she needs to be cut back from all the eating she`s been doing. Although I love her pudgie lil self to keep her healthy we`ve had to cut her feedings back just a bit. Believe it or not she probably weighs more then my Tank right about now and he`s a bullmastiff. Ok now he is on the slimmer side which is good for him being he has hip dysplasia. I wonder if the food I switched her to has anything to do with it.......HMMMMM Ya see she has dermatitis so she is on natures balance food for allergies. All seriousness though we may also take her in to get her thyroid checked. It`s funny I think we take better care of our dogs then we do ourselves.

If anyone out there is looking to adopt mastiff`s here`s a site worth looking into:
click here believe you me, if I could afford any poochie right now,Zeus would be on my list.


Anonymous said...

He-hee.....poor Bella! She looks like she's questioning that remark, SAY WHAT!

CraBBy GaBBy said...

Aww, stinking cute is she!!
keep us updated about her thyroid.