Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back at it again....

Well I finally have gotten myself back in the groove. It seems like forever since I have created anything on the sewing machine. Since the opening of the KSGP website I`ve been back at it again. I managed to finish up two more dollies to offer on my ebay and will be back working on new items to have ready for the website on the 1st of june. Here`s a peek at my girls that will go on tonight.

I can`t believe it`s nearing the end of American Idol already and I`m really not sure now who will take first. I thought for a while Adam, but Kris has done so well it`s anyones game now. Who do you want to see win?


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Kelly..

Your new dollie is precious.. love the dotted dress and hat !

I will have to admit I did not see any of American Idol until last night..
I was not impressed with the girlie looking Adam and his voice didn't have the emotion and depth needed for a singer..

Kris has more emotion in his voice and looks sorta like a young Brad Pitt to me.. more manly and what's needed in this day and age.

The one who sang with Lionel Richie ..the guy with the glasses.. is a great singer.

It was nice to see all the older singers and the groups.. except for Kiss... they could have left them in the parking lot in my opinion.. that tongue will give you nightmares.. :o)


Mary said...

Kelly, hubby was so cute when he was looking at your KSGP Shoppe page ~ he actually got quite animated when he saw your Annies, chuckling and saying how expressive they are! He was like, "Oh, wow, look at their faces!" Someday when I'm flush again, I'll own one of your wonderful dollies! I can't believe your annies are still sitting there ~ you have priced them at a more than reasonable price!



Anonymous said...

Kelly I love this beautiful girl and her outfit is just so beautiful :D